Gina the Giraffe's Marvellous Carrot and Pineapple Cupcakes - Tea Towel

$19.95 AUD

Gina the Giraffe has decided that if you could have just one recipe it should be her marvellous carrot and pineapple cupcakes (with cream cheese icing no less)! These cupcakes seem to possess some kind of magical power that makes anyone who consumes them extraordinarily kind, helpful and generous. They can work on yourself too, if you're feeling a little sad or under the weather, one of these cupcakes will make everything better! They have been described by many as a ray of delicious sunshine.

The tea towel is 45 x 65 cm and is made from organic cotton. It is screen printed and ethically made in India. It is absorbant and machine washable.